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We never thought we would do it... Never thought we would ever leave San Francisco.  We loved it there!  We built a beautiful home there!
But now...

We have packed up and moved the "whole kit and cabootle" off to
Vancouver, British Columbia! Just about the only city that can compete with the beauty of the San Francisco Bay.

Welcome to!

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Boca Del Kujo!

You can rent our Lake Tahoe cabin, The Boca Del Kujo! Check out our rental website,!

Chateau BobJoe - Boca Del Kujo
Our Lake Tahoe vacation property in Kings Beach is doing very well with weekly rentals.  We did try to sell it when we came to Canada,  But now have decided to hold onto it for a while.

Be sure to see our Before and After pictures!

Some pictures of the Vancouver construction process.

Built it and left it!

It took a long time, but construction was finally completed on
Chateau BobJoe!, and yes...
We did get to enjoy it for a while before we had to pass it on to the next lucky San Franciscans.


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